21 Mar 2016

360 Miniature photo rig

I made a 360 miniature photo rig. The construction is pretty simple but the parts were kinda of hard to find.
The case is a cheap plastic project case from my local electronic store. Aluminium tube is just scrap. The DC-motor is from broken down toy RC-car. The gearbox is from a Mustek photoscanner. The DC-motor controller I had to order from ebay, because it was both cheaper and easier to order from there than to design and build one yourself, (DC 1.8v-15V Wide Voltage 2A PWM Pulse Width Modulation Motor Speed ​​Controller). Powersupply is an old Nokia 5V charger that, I had laying around.

The hardest part was to found matching gearbox and a motor. Luckily found them from a broken down RC-car and a old broken down scnaner. Thanks to the DC-motor controller the rotation speed is adjustable. The end result was this thing:

The gif is just an experiment, needs more light and stuff.

13 Mar 2016

Done: From IoB Griffon to Flamespyre Phoenix

Finally done, late, but done. I only primed it. I left the painting to it's owner because he has a painted army and he knows his own colorscheme. The construct is mostly the extra parts left over from the Phoenix kit after assembling the Frostheart Phoenix, the wings, head and the wingfeathers. Then I attached those to the Griffon body, where I had cut off the lion parts, like the feet and the tail. After that I did alot of greenstuff feathers and flames. But here's some pictures of the whole thing.