23 Jul 2017

Quick-Review: Nicholas Grisefoth -comicbook

I don't really read comics, we get the weekly Donald Duck (Aku Ankka) comic every wednesday in the mail for the kids, I browse through it sometimes. But recently I came across a copy of this comicbook. It's a finnish comic set in the middleages and it is awesome.

I really liked the style it has, grim and dark, like the middle ages. The story and characters were also excellent. This is the fifth book of the series but I still got the hang of the situation and characters. Im looking forward in getting to read the other books too.

5/5 would read again and I recommend this highly if you like a story with warriors, swords and shamans.

5 Dec 2016

WIP: VC Corpse Cart

In the spirit of Monty Python, I decided to make a kitbash VC Corpe Cart.

The necromancer can be added "to the cart" if needed. It's mostly just Orc Boar chariot with 2 zombies on the front pulling and 1 in the back pushing.

Box for whisky glasses

Made a box for some whisky glasses that I had engraved for my friend as a birthday gift.

Nothing too fancy, just scrap plywood clued together as a cube and then cut to a box on the tablesaw, added a pianohinge to the back, lock on the front and some velvet inside with foam fittings for the glasses.

21 Mar 2016

360 Miniature photo rig

I made a 360 miniature photo rig. The construction is pretty simple but the parts were kinda of hard to find.
The case is a cheap plastic project case from my local electronic store. Aluminium tube is just scrap. The DC-motor is from broken down toy RC-car. The gearbox is from a Mustek photoscanner. The DC-motor controller I had to order from ebay, because it was both cheaper and easier to order from there than to design and build one yourself, (DC 1.8v-15V Wide Voltage 2A PWM Pulse Width Modulation Motor Speed ​​Controller). Powersupply is an old Nokia 5V charger that, I had laying around.

The hardest part was to found matching gearbox and a motor. Luckily found them from a broken down RC-car and a old broken down scnaner. Thanks to the DC-motor controller the rotation speed is adjustable. The end result was this thing:

The gif is just an experiment, needs more light and stuff.

13 Mar 2016

Done: From IoB Griffon to Flamespyre Phoenix

Finally done, late, but done. I only primed it. I left the painting to it's owner because he has a painted army and he knows his own colorscheme. The construct is mostly the extra parts left over from the Phoenix kit after assembling the Frostheart Phoenix, the wings, head and the wingfeathers. Then I attached those to the Griffon body, where I had cut off the lion parts, like the feet and the tail. After that I did alot of greenstuff feathers and flames. But here's some pictures of the whole thing.

25 Feb 2016

HAHAA, got you offguard, a suprise update!

Long time, no post, here is a tumbleweed:

Now let's get this show on the road. Lot's have happened since the last update, some of which even related to the hobby. First of all I've developed some sort of a book addiction.
Here are some books that I've got and have read some of them.
1. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, excellent book, if you like ASOIAF -series, you love this too.
2. Kudottujen Kujien Kaupunki (English version: City of Woven Streets), http://www.emmiitaranta.com/city-of-woven-streets super good book, about a island city where the story follows a weaver girl and the things going down on this very different society. Emmi Itäranta's second book, I would also recommend for you to read the first book, Memory of Water, http://www.emmiitaranta.com/memory-of-water , amazing world with a massive shortage of drinking water and a world of drought. Excellent book, cannot recommend enough.
3. Ready Player One, just started this one, it's looks like a fun book in a troubled near-future where every one escapes reality to this massive virtaul one, it's a book full on 80's pop references, I feel right at home with this one.
4. The Great Dune Trilogy, the first three Dune books, I got this one with the same order as the Ready Player One to get a discount, might give this one a try after that one.

The dwarfs are all primed up and ready to paint. I have actually started these a little bit with my son, as it's his army. More to come.

Quick terrain piece I made with kids, some stone warehouse, for a fantasy battlefield.
There's a new 40k Patrol turnament at my local gaming store, my list is 2 trukks full of shoota boys, 3 deffkoptas in groups of 2 and 1, 5 Mek Gunz with Kustom-Mega-Cannons with all the grots and ammo runt's you can get, everything is so full of rokkits as they could be. Needed to build one new trukk and 3 more Mek Gunz for the list. Pictures below:

As a cherry on the "top", got a new airbrush compressor, super silent, very nice, much air, such compression.

2 Nov 2015

WIP: All cleaned up and ready for prime

A group of stunties all cleaned up and ready for prime. These ones are going to be wrapped up in xmas-present. More pics as the project continues.