7 Apr 2015

I've been lazy on the hobbyfront

Sad to admit but I have been very lazy on the hobbyfront lately. It is election time in Finland soon and that means a lot of extra work for me at work. When I have gotten home after a hard and long day I usually just spent the evenings with family and friends.

But I have got something done though. I've playtested the Ork Mek Gunz and thought that they are amazing. I acquired two of them and meant to make 3 more using a Trukk kit.

I also accidentally Hordes, is this bad?
I choose Trollbloods because they had some cool looking minis.

Other things on my list:
1. need to finish that Phoenix
2. need to build crazy amounts of Mordheim terrain

I actually started on the Mordheim terrain project a bit last night. I made 4 market stalls in a haste. They need something more though, some products, like rusty armour, used weapons, food and stuff for the mechants to sell, maybe some wanted posters on the sides, dunno yet, let us see what I can whip up.

 I started these when I found those wooden parts going to trash, saved them and made these stalls.
 Plasticards scraped with miniature saw to make them look more like wooden planks and glued little sections of sprue, scraped in the same manner, to them. Then I hotglued the wooden parts to the roof.
 Last I hotglued the previous parts to the base and made a crude counter. Old Ork and kit-bash techpriest for scale.